Analytics Services

Delivering key insights, to help you put your business on a high growth path.

A vast amount of data is generated daily in organizations. Companies are equally trying hard to make sense out of that data for a better decision making. Internal data generated by internal system like CRM, ERP, machines etc. and huge amounts of external data (social, public data etc.) is contributing significantly to increasing the vastness of the data.

The challenge for the businesses is how to capitalize on this deluge of data using latest statistical techniques and innovate to achieve transformational benefits.

StakLiA’s broad portfolio of business drive analytics offering spans across a wide spectrum of business functions. We help our clients tread seamlessly from data to decisions faster by adopting advanced analytics tools and techniques.

We primarily work on our “data to insight” (d2i) framework. Our main expertise involves working with unstructured operational data, machine data and cognitive data. Our analytics service offerings will be applicable to sustainable industries such as energy, utility, mining, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, hospitality etc.


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