GPS Tracking based Mobile Applications

GPS Tracking based Mobile Applications designed and developed to help clients with their fleet tracking, monitoring & theft prevention needs using latest tools & technologies.


A GPS tracking based mobile solutions has multi-faceted applications. It can be used in myriad of opportunities across B2B and B2C space. Some key examples are:

  • Personnel and Fleet Tracking
  • Cab Tracking and Monitoring
  • Child Tracking
  • Tracking of important things
  • Monitoring the speed of teenage kid vehicle
  • Car tracking and prevention of loss due to stealing
  • And Many more applications

We have designed a battery of comprehensive and easy to use GPS tracking mobile apps for tracking, monitoring and prevention needs of our clients. Our solutions combine cutting edge GPS tracking technology with 100% accuracy of advanced mapping and extensive reporting, increasing security and operational efficiency.

Clients and Solutions
  • Fleet Tracking Solution for a Cab booking aggregator
  • Car Tracking Solution for an IT products company
  • Logistics and Fleet tracking Solution for a US based Pharma Company
Key Features
  • Integrated with Google maps API
  • Easy connectivity with any GPS tracking device
  • Real-Time location updates
  • Speed monitoring
  • Geo-Fencing to keep your fleet within the defined range
  • Remote shutdown of vehicle
  • Trip Reports
  • Raise Alerts to send warning/alerts in case of mishap
  • SOS Notifications
  • Playback – Playback the entire journey of each vehicle for last 5 years