Video, Music and Content Sharing Applications

Videos sharing is a big hit since 2015 and the trend is only growing. Most of the marketers are trying to create more video content and making it viral on social media.


Video and music content has been seeing a huge spike in popularity over last few years. The primary reason is users are looking at newer and better medium to share information, as well as they are growing tired of older mediums. Combine that with more “live” (like Facebook Live) and in-the-moment updates (like Snapchat Stories), live streaming videos is topping the chart in popularity.

Our Video and music sharing apps allow users to share videos and audio files in multiple formats, listen and watch videos online, share more information, discuss and post comments etc. The app has been created in a easy to use UI which allows great UX to the users with easy indexing of files by genres, artists, a brief about the videos, blog writing etc.

Clients and Solutions
  • Gyawun (a Video and music sharing app of Kashmiri Music Industry) for an IT products company
Key Features
  • Indexing by multiple options like genres, artists etc.
  • Easy to use Graphic UI.
  • Online streaming and playing.
  • Blog writing.
  • Discuss and sharing more information about a music video.
  • Separate music and Video categories.
  • Brief introduction about the file
  • File sharing in latest multiple formats like mp3, mp4, etc.