HTML5 Development

HTML5 is the most flexible language and is a revolutionary advancement in the world of mobile apps since it provides an alternative to native apps. HTML5 code can be replicated with little to no adjustment for any specific OS (whether mobile or desktop). It is a responsive, secure and scalable experience for your products, services or website across multiple platforms.

Moreover, since it is the most basic language in web and mobile application development thus there are plenty of developers available who can work on this language. HTML5 is SEO friendly and has many more advantages as below:

  • HTML5 development leads to a considerable reduction in time and effort to go to market, as the app produced instantly start working on browsers across all devices.
  • Less maintenance and easy to upgrade.
  • Lot of plug-ins are available in the library which can be used extensively.

But before investing in any mobile strategy, decision makers should evaluate the strength of their approach and determine what technology best meets their specific use cases.

We at StakLiA not only helps you with development but also help you choose the right technology for your particular initiative / project.


HTML5 Portfolio